Electric Gate Openers

A Guide To The Different Types Of Automatic Gate Openers

The digital revolution is one element of contemporary society that cannot be denied.  The presence of automatic products ranges from high-quality coffee makers to upcoming robotic health care assistants.  One of the most traditional products available in the automatic arena is the automatic gate control.  This control is one that, well, as the name suggests assists in opening and closing gates without the need for manual assistance.  The most well-known type of gate opener is the driveway opener, but there are various other types of controls and this article will provide information on the different automatic gate openers.


1.  Automatic Garage Door Opener

A popular and well-known use of the automatic gate opener technology is to control the movement of the garage door.  The reason for an automatic garage door opener is to increase security and improve circulation.  No person will deny that during the winter months or when there is a storm, the use of automatic openers is far more beneficial than manual options.

The installation of this type of gate opener removes any problematic scenario.  By pressing a button on the control the automatic garage gate opens "by itself" and all you need to do is park the vehicle.  As years have progressed, improvements have been made to the garage door opener and it is now possible to enter the garage without the need to stop driving. 


2.  Automatic Industrial Gate Opener

The automatic industrial gate opener is applied in large factories and platforms for heavy loads.  The reason for these automatic gate openers is a practical one and it allows for more efficient transit of materials.  Surveys have found that companies using these types of openers show enhanced logistical speed and an improved use of space within the warehouses.


3.  Automatic Commercial Gate Opener

The automatic gate openers associated with commercial use are typically used to improve the experience and circulation of consumers.  The most common type of commercial door opener is the sensor design seen in shopping malls or centers, so when a consumer approaches a door it is recognized and will proceed to open.  This is highly convenient and removes the need for the customer to open the door manually - beneficial if you are laden with lots of heavy shopping bags.


4.  Automatic Door Openers Activated By Cell Phones

As part of advanced technology, it is now possible to support a remote control for garage doors or commercial entrances using an automatic opener via cell phones.  This is done through a provision of a command through text message and has been proven to be highly functional.  Using cell phone activation, the level of security to an automatic door has been enhanced dramatically as the individual owning the cell phone is the only person with access to the remote.


Final Words

With all the new applications of electronics in today's society, it seems obvious that there will be more types of door openers available to people.  Using the information above, it is possible to find an automatic opener suited to your needs and preferences.