Driveway Gates Installation

Top Tips For Driveway Gate Installation

There are a lot of people who consider installing their driveway gate on their own.  However, driveway gate installation is something that can go horribly wrong if you do not know what you are doing.  Fortunately, there are a number of tips that you can use to ensure that your driveway gate installation is done correctly.


Selecting The Right Spot For The Gate

Before you start installing your driveway gate, you need to select the best spot for it.  It is recommended that you look for a spot that allows your car to leave the road while you wait for the gate to open.  This will save you a lot of hassle and stop other drivers becoming annoyed with you when they are sitting behind you while you wait.

While looking for the right spot, you need to image the gate being fully open.  This will allow you to look for anything that might obstruct the gate.  These obstructions could be uneven ground or a slope in your driveway which will need to be sorted before you install. 


Measure Between Your Posts A Few Times

There is no harm in checking your work and you should never feel bad about measuring between your posts again.  It is recommended that you use white flour to mark where your posts are going to be placed.  Once you have placed the posts in the holes, you should measure the distance again.  This will ensure that your posts are in the correct place and that you will not have any problems after you have poured the concrete to hold the posts.


Do Not Dig Round Holes

When you dig the post holes for your gate, you need to ensure that you are not digging round holes.  Round holes give the posts the option of twisting during the installation.  This is something that you want to avoid because it will affect the overall installation and cause you to have to start again. 


Mix Your Concrete Correctly

When you are mixing the concrete for the posts, you should leave it a bit stiff.  There are many people who feel that runnier concrete is better because it is easier to pour.  While this is true, you will have to brace the posts with runnier concrete while stiffer concrete will hold the posts while the concrete sets. 

While you are working with the concrete, it is recommended that you measure between the posts again while filling the holes.  You do not want the concrete to set with your posts at the incorrect distance.


Make Sure You Read The Manual

A lot of people skim the manual when they install their driveway gate.  It is vital that you read the manual carefully because it will have a lot of information that you need to know.  The manual will also generally tell you about the tools that you are going to need.  You do not want to be halfway through the driveway gate installation when you realize that you are missing a vital tool.